Southeast Community College
Keyboarding Competency Test

Welcome SCC students! Employers of our graduates expect that they should be able to keyboard at a professional level. Therefore, this test is to validate that you meet the required keyboarding competency for your program or determine the appropriate keyboarding class in which you should enroll.

If you type 30 NWAM* OR HIGHER, you meet the required competency.

*Net Words a Minute (NWAM) = Words Per Minute (WPM) minus Number of Errors

If you cannot meet the requirement above, your adviser can help determine if you should take OFFT 1150 Basic Keyboarding.

If you do not have a password, please contact Tracie Klosterman at or 402-437-2426.


You are allowed four attempts to take this test.

Please read all of the steps below carefully before starting your first attempt!

  1. Do not go back or refresh at any time during one of your test attempts; this will clear the typing area and count toward your four attempts.
  2. Print your results after each attempt since you will not be able to go back and print previous results. Important: Your program adviser needs documentation of your best result!
  3. As you type the text shown for the test, follow the rules below to avoid errors:
    1. Press the Tab key to begin each paragraph.
      Note: The three-minute timer will begin when you press Tab to start the first paragraph.
    2. Space only one time--not twice--after punctuation that ends a sentence.
    3. Press Enter twice immediately (do not space) at the end of each paragraph.
    4. Do not press the Backspace key since it is disabled; each time you attempt to backspace will count as an error.
    5. Type for the entire three minutes! If you finish typing all of the text shown before the time limit expires, start typing the text again from the beginning.
  4. After thoroughly reading and understanding the above guidelines, start your first attempt:
    1. Enter your name and your personal e-mail address.
    2. Enter SCC for the Typing Test Password.
    3. Click the "Start Test" button.

All fields below must be completed.

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